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Why is this course different from
everything you've experienced before?

The Class A Makeup Artist course is based on two main pillars:

Truly master the technique.

Here you will not learn the ready-made techniques and just copy and paste. It will be much more than that.
You will learn the essence of each technique, understand the client and, therefore, have your own identity.

No copying and pasting

For you to achieve exceptional results and be recognized, you have to understand each step of the process and practice a lot.
The makeup artist who does this manages to shape his own style without losing the essence that the type of makeup requires.

These two pillars together make the course different and better than any other on the market, because here we will train elite makeup artists, or rather, Class A makeup artists.

Who is the course for?

If you want to learn how to highlight the unique beauty of each client when attending, extolling your identity without leaving the essence of the technique, this course is for YOU.

This is a specialization course in makeup. So this encompasses all levels of makeup artists, from people who have not yet started to make up to professional makeup artists who have been in the market for many years.

7-day Unconditional Warranty

If you don’t like the course, think that it won’t work for you or for any other reason in the world… NO PROBLEM.

Simply send me a message in the first 7 days after your purchase that I immediately return all the money invested. No messing around or asking for excuses, I give you the money back and we remain makeup friends

I do this because I have full confidence in the quality of the content that I am offering you and because I only want people who are truly committed and want to be with me in this course.

BUT ATTENTION! My team is oriented to make the refund immediately after your request, so be sure of your decision, as there will be no return.

What will you learn in this course?

I will teach you from the beginning to the end of makeup in each of the most requested techniques on the market. Follow the course content with me…

MODULE 1 - Skin types

Here you will learn each of the skin types and how to prepare them for the perfect makeup.
You will understand how to start makeup the right way for each skin type and you will never have doubts about it again.

MODULE 2 - The ideal products and how to get the best out of them

Here I will teach you what products to use for each type of makeup and also how to make the most of them, without waste and yielding much more.
After this module, you will never again underestimate the best use of a product.

MODULE 3 - Makeup techniques

Here is the center of the entire course. I will teach you, step by step, from skin preparation to finishing makeup using the most requested techniques on the market and which will bring you more customers.

1 - Social makeup

To start you will learn how to do that makeup to go to parties, weddings, clubs, etc. Social makeup is a makeup that requires some techniques from you, such as face harmonization, contouring for light and shadow, light for highlighting, etc. All this I will teach you in this technique. Every part of the process.

2 - Makeup for brides

This is my biggest specialty. I will teach you how to do the makeup that has made me recognized worldwide as one of the best bride makeup artists in the world. The bride's makeup will always be the biggest expectation on that day. The bride has dreamed of this life all her life and you will learn how to exceed her expectations and do the perfect makeup.

3 - Illuminated skin makeup

This is the makeup of the moment. Highly demanded today, the lighter skin is ideal to let the woman look younger and healthier skin. You will learn step by step and will differentiate yourself with this technique.

4 - Artistic makeup

Leaving a little of the main intention of the course, let's talk about some artistic makeup techniques. These makeups are ideal to apply on models and show your work, in addition to being very beautiful for some specific moments. I will teach you how to do them in the best possible way by highlighting your identity and the client's strengths.

MODULE 4 - Marketing for Makeup Artists

What's the use of being a good makeup artist if you don't know how to sell your service and show your work well. In the Makeup Class A course, you will not have this problem ... One of the greatest authorities in the world in marketing for makeup artists will teach you: How to position yourself on social networks; What to post, what not to post on social media, and how often; How to close more sales per message; And much, much more.

MODULE 5 - Visagism

You will learn to appreciate the beauty of a face. In this module, you will learn how visage can further enhance the beauty of makeup. By doing this, you will preserve the beauty that the woman already has, always reinforcing her positive points. Many people have doubts about this topic, but in the Class A Makeup course, we will make this uncomplicated and ready to answer any other questions you may have.


In addition to all the course content, you will also have free access to some unique and exclusive bonuses for the course. I would normally charge a separate fee for each of them, but this time you will have access to them at no additional charge.

Marketing for Makeup Artists

Exclusive Visagism Class

Access to Intensive classes

1) Exclusive support for 12 months

No doubts.

For a full year, you will have all your questions answered promptly by my team and me.

That’s right! You will take the classes and any question you may have just contact us and we will answer as soon as possible.

2) Certificate

After completing the course, you will receive a certificate directly on the course platform.

This is a unique certificate, signed by me, that will demonstrate all your skills as a makeup artist.

It’s simple! When you finish the course, you will download the certificate, print and keep it with you to demonstrate even more authority in your work.


If you are reading this on Monday, 01/02, know that if you buy until 23:59 today, you will have access to an extra course bonus.

4 live classes with me!

We will do 4 complete makeup classes on themes that we have yet to define.

But know this: these classes will have the same level as a face-to-face course and will be extremely important in your training.

Don’t waste any more time! Guarantee your spot right now by clicking the button below:

What people are talking about me

Okay, but how much does it all cost?

Throughout this week, many people asked me: “Hey Ale, but how much will this course cost? About 2 thousand or so? ”

When I heard this I thought: “Really, 2 thousand would be a very fair value, both for me and for you”.

But then I thought and thought deeply about it, and realized that it would not be possible to sell for that price. We are going through a challenging time of a pandemic and, most people could not afford the course now.

So I thought about charging half that: THOUSAND REAIS. Okay, a much more affordable value and I can already say that it is cheap.

But then I stopped to think again and an idea came to me: “Well, this is the first class of the course. What if I did something to value these first people who are going to go to Class A makeup artist?

And then I decided: to charge a quarter of the course fee only in that first class. All-access to the course + all bonuses, traditionally, would cost… 2 THOUSAND REAIS… TODAY YOU WILL HAVE ACCESS FOR…

Frequently Asked Questions

For 1 year. More than enough time for you to see and review the course several times.

Yes, 7 days. If you buy the course and for any reason do not want to continue as my student, just send me an email and I will immediately return all your money.

  • Up to 12x on your credit card;
  • Cash on a check;
  • PayPal;
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  • Caixa Bank virtual card.

Yes, we have an exclusive course certificate that you will be able to print after completing all course classes.

Yes, we have the payment option in the bank billing, but only in cash. WE DON’T HAVE THE OPTION OF BANK BILLING INSTALLED!

No, it is personal and non-transferable. Each account gives access to a single person.

All information on how to access the course will be sent to your email immediately after confirmation of payment.

No problem, just call someone on my team on WhatsApp by clicking here.

Class A Makeup Artist – Alessandro Alcantara – 2021